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We specialize in

designing wastewater equipment and plants that outperform traditional wastewater processes

Design Build

WSI designs and manufactures turn-key packages for the private, municipal and industrial treatment sectors. Retrofitting current plants or designing new.

Wastewater Equipment

All of our equipment is designed in house by specialized engineers that have over 35 years of direct experience in the wastewater industry.

Process Design

Our process design engineers are some of the best in the industry. WSI can custom design a wastewater process to fit any application.


WSI is committed to providing comprehensive evaluations of existing facilities and developing cost-effective, highly efficient solutions to meet stringent discharge requirements, increase plant capacity, decrease operational costs, and increase overall performance.


WSI will engineer custom equipment, wastewater treatment plants or custom processes.


WSI provides complete consultations for existing or future wastewater treatment plants.


WSI has the technical staff and expertise to assist in plant or equipment startups anywhere in the world.

Recent Projects

Restaurant WWTP

Micro DAF, Micro MBBR, Polymer System

Kaupulehu WWTP Plant

DAF, MBBR, Disinfection

Wiliams Energy

Belt-Press, Polymer System

Bear River Municipal

DAF, MMBR, Rotary Screen, Anoxic

Noble Energy

DAF, Softening, Brine

Avanti Mine WWTP

DAF, MBBR, Polymer Systems

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